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Characteristic medieval village still fortified

The nucleus of Monteriggioni is a small fortified village. The castle is surrounded by a massive elliptical wall, interspersed with 15 towers and two gates, which surrounds a hill called Mount Ala.
The Castle of Monteriggioni was built by the Sienese, by order of the Podestà Guelfo da Porcari, in a period between 1214 and 1219. In recent years, Monteriggioni has assumed greater tourism importance because it has been included within the Via Francigena route. It is therefore part of the Cultural Routes of Europe.
Since 2005 it is possible to cover two sections of the ancient walkways on the walls, from which you can enjoy wonderful views of the Chianti and the Montagnola Senese. A Museum of Weapons and Armor was set up in Monteriggioni, which houses faithful craft reproductions of medieval and Renaissance weapons and armors.


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